Ailment of the Head

Queen Isolde informed me yesterday that she did not care for my yellow-gold embroidery on her blue chemise after I completed the work, so I sat in the garden, pulling out each thread and making a hairy mess.

I looked up. Isolde was walking towards me at a diagonal, trying not to stumble. She tended to do that during one of her bitter head aches. I set down my embroidery and guided her to a seat then sought herbs in the cottage to make a remedy. Isolde appreciated my herbs, even though she could have healed herself. But after the mishap with the love potion, I sensed she had lost all interest in preparing them.

To balance the queen’s humors, I first made a tea. On the table, I gathered dried lavender and rose flowers, vervain, and bishopwort from my stores, because they could ease an aching head and uplift the spirit. I added a small amount of celandine, which wards off many ills in addition to offering (digestive) protection.

The dried, crushed ingredients flew into the pot of water, and once they be well boiled, I let the herbs sit for a few minutes. I then strained out the flowers and other remnants present in the tea.

I also made a poultice, which required a handful of bishopwort, vervain, and lavender. I added them to a pot of water, let them be well boiled, and took them up into a folded cloth to lay on my lady’s head.



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